3 Powerful Ways to De-Clutter Your Life

Clutter is probably causing you more stress than you realize right now. When life is stressful and our calendar is jam-packed with activities, we all need a quiet and clean home that we can come back to in order to relax in. That should mean a calm, organized space that feels light, spacious, homely and safe.
But for too many of us, our homes are just yet another thing that causes stress. And clutter is to blame. Clutter makes a space busy, disorganized, dusty and hard to clean. Conversely, if your space is emptier, you’ll be able to keep it looking pristine with minimal work.
So how do you go about reducing that clutter?
Learn to Detach
To declutter, first you must detach. How many items do you have that you never use but that you feel you can’t get rid of because they were a gift? Or because they have some kind of sentimental value? Of course sentimental objects are important and we should all have a few keepsakes. But this can go too far if it means you feel the urge to hold on to ever…

How to Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle in 5 Easy Steps

Adopting a more minimalist lifestyle can be a simple way to make yourself happier and more fulfilled. Too often, we hold the belief that we need to do more and fill our lives with more things in order to be happy – but actually this couldn’t be further from the truth.
Scaling back is what will allow us to focus on the things we have and to really appreciate what is already going well in our life. At the same time, having less and committing to less will give us more time to relax, to recharge and to attack the day refreshed. Minimalism brings fewer money concerns, a less stressed calendar and so much more. So how do you embrace it? Here are five easy steps that will help you do just that…
Reduce Your Surface Clutter
The first place to start is by focussing on your ‘surface clutter’. That means you’re going to remove around 60% of ornaments and decorative items from your surfaces. This seems extreme but the result will be that what remains is your very favourite, increasing the average q…

How a Minimalist Lifestyle Can Work for You

Think a minimalist lifestyle isn’t for you?
Love your fancy cars, your expensive suits and your gadgets too much?
Well, I invite you to think again. Read on and you might just realize that you’ve been coming at things the wrong way…
Working to Live
Somewhere along the line, many of us have forgotten that we ‘work to live’. Today, we ‘live to work’ and a large part of this is our drive to have more stuff and more status. Why are you applying for higher positions in your current career? Is it because you need more money?
Sure, more money might be nice. But if you feel that you’re living beyond your means, then you may not have considered some of the other options available to you to solve that problem. One example is simply to move into a smaller house. Move into a smaller house and you’ll have less space to store your things…
…but that will be about the only downside! Meanwhile, on your current salary, you’ll have much less financial stress, you’ll have bigger savings and you’ll be able to sp…

Top 5 Ways to Achieve Your Goal of a Minimalist Lifestyle

Wish that life was a little simpler? That you had a little less stress and a little more time to spend with your family?
Well, you’ve pretty much described a minimalist lifestyle! The good news is that this is a well-documented lifestyle and one that anyone can achieve with the right approach. In this post, we’re going to look at 5 ways you can make a minimalist lifestyle a reality…
Know What You Want
The first thing you need to do is to know what you want and know what your goal is. That means that you have to know what you’re all about and what is important to you – whether it’s friends and family, or music. Once you know this, you can then be less easily swayed by marketing and advertising because you’ll know what you need to be happy. Your lifestyle should be an efficient system that supports the things that matter to you.
Play With the Numbers
Many of us only feel successful when we see numbers going up. More employees, more money, more friends.
But often you can play with the numbers …

Top 7 Tips to Making More Out of Less

The secret to becoming minimalist is not to throw out all your things and to stop doing the things you love. It’s not all about less.
Rather, being minimal is about making the most out of what you already have. It’s about finding enjoyment in simple things, so that you can stop chasing rainbows. This is the secret to minimalism and actually, it’s the secret to happiness!
Make a List of All the Things You Have Yet to Do
Why are you thinking of buying a new book or game when you haven’t finished everything on your shelf? And just how many other fun activities could you be enjoying using the things you already have? Make a list and keep this in mind!
Try More Free Activities
Yes, you could pine after that expensive holiday, or another expensive meal. Or you could cook for your partner and have a romantic evening in, visit a museum, go for a walk or try learning another language.
Try a Gratitude Attitude
A gratitude attitude means learning to appreciate what you already have. Try writing down fi…